Install instructions


It is possible the web version might not run altogether, or run slowly for you, in which case I have provided Windows and OSX versions for you to download instead!

They should be playable once you unzip and export them, then run the executable. If you don't know how to do that, uh, I dunno what to tell you. If you know you've done everything right and it's still not running, lemme know

EDIT: Weird, when I attempted uploading an Android build earlier (which I haven't finished because I have no idea how to make that an install package) it replaced the Windows file. Anyway, it should be working correctly now.

EDIT EDIT: I THINK the OSX files should now work on more versions of OSX, and a Linux build has been added but I have zero idea if it works or not.


Download 86 MB
Download 101 MB
Download 73 MB


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This game is so cute! Is Fiddler in cahoots with Keys??? I had no idea lol.

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It was pretty good. But I had no music. Don't know if that was because of the build or my computer.
EDIT: Seems to have been my computer. Fiddling with the volume on the web version got the music going.

But can you finagle it so that the "-win" download starts directly when opened from the itch client instead of opening up the install folder?
ALSO EDIT: Web version runs fine from the client.

I would, but I have no idea how to do that? This is literally my first time messing with itch and/or compiling a game to run on other peoples' computers

Hopefully, all you'd need to do is to repack the ZIP so that the files are at the ZIP's root instead of inside a single main folder holding everything.* I'm not sure either, since my uploaded package did it right off the bat and I didn't need to do anything special. It may also** have something to do with the main EXE's filename.

But unless you want me to test it, I won't be downloading the -win package again, since the web package runs straight in the itch client without opening my default browser. (If you do want me to test, I'd be happy to.)

*So instead of ".\Housepets Christmas\game.exe", you may want ".\game.exe" or ".\12DaysofHousepets.exe".
**Or "instead" - You Have 293 Keys has a main folder in its ZIP but the itch client knows what to do with ".\293_Windows\293Keys.exe".

Okay! I got the OSX to work! I had to go into the package contents of the "," then go into the "MacOS" folder and run the "nwjs" file and wait a few seconds for it to load. Really fun and worth it. Love all the characters and their interactions.

Thank you for all your hard work, Rick! 

Wow okay, I JUST finished updating the OSX file package, I was wondering if the new version will run without issue now

I'm soooooo sorry, but it doesn't look like it did. I hate to be the barer or bad news. I can still play it the same as I outlined above. (Run on a OSX 10.12.6 machine.) Good luck.


I hate to be difficult, but could you also do a Linux build for us?  Thanks!

Added it but have no idea if/how it works!

"" runs fine and plays all the animation, but with no sound.  However you also included "index.html" which seems to be the web version and that runs in my browser with working music!  So let's call that success.  :)